BankPort Features First 'One-Stop' E-Procurement and
PRNewswire (10/30/00) Vol. 104, No. 42 p.1; Bergquist, Erick

The e-finance infrastructure company FNC has announced the rollout of BankPort, a new one-stop Web portal for community banks and other lenders that provides access to electronic collateral service fulfillment on a transaction basis. The introduction signals the first comprehensive collateral management system that can deliver e-procurement cost savings, speed, and improved process controls to lenders who do not have extensive customization behind the firewall. FNC also offers its Collateral Management System, which is a solution marketed for high volume lenders that features complete collateral processing and service fulfillment integration with customized installations inside the firewall. BankPort provides easy access to everything needed to complete the property side of the residential or commercial loan decision.

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