KPMG's IPO May Fuel Acquisitions, Says Chairman Butler
Dow Jones News (09/25/00) Vol. 6, No. 10 p.86; Bell, Allison

The Big Five consulting and accounting firms have begun restructuring their businesses to raise capital and boost incentives in the competition for talent as regulators and market forces put pressure on the firms to get rid of their lucrative consulting units. KPMG Chairman Stephen Butler has recently said that in today's fast-paced business world, there is a need for globalization, an emphasis on speed, and a need to invest in businesses, especially in terms of technology, which is expensive. These needs spurred KPMG to file for an initial public offering in order to build a consulting structure that could function as a wealth-creation vehicle and allow the firm to make acquisitions. Butler denied that the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) auditor independence proposal influenced KPMG's IPO decision, although he pointed out that the firm still strongly disagrees with the SEC over whether any conflict of interest exists among firms that audit and advise businesses.

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