Firms Yet to Cash in on Paying Bills Online
Investor's Business Daily (08/01/00) Vol. 22, No. 49 p.A8; Kakum, Donna

The online bill-payment market continues to struggle to find an audience among banks. By all accounts, one-stop-payment via the Internet is cost- and time-efficient. Industry members like Bob Murphy, vice president of marketing at CyberBills, agrees. Murphy believes banks hold the key to services like online bill payment becoming popular. To date, banks have been reluctant to pursue bill payment service. A recent report by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) found that only about 1,100 of 23,000 financial institutions offer full-service online banking, let alone bill paying. Underscoring this fact is the number of companies in the online bill payment market that are still struggling. CheckFree made 3 cents a share in its last fiscal year, ended June 30, 1999. Another competitor, Paytrust, had to put off going public because of the vacillating stock market. Buoyed by the recent signing of American Express as a client, however, Paytrust says it hopes to pursue its IPO after the stock market stabilizes.

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