Advertising: MasterCard Is Shifting Its Efforts to Market
New York Times (08/30/00) Vol. 6, No. 12 p.C6; Kane, Courtney

MasterCard is becoming the first major credit card company to use Spanish-language ads in an effort to attract Hispanic consumers. While some credit card companies have added Latino flair to ads, Petra Pasquina, MasterCard director for Hispanic Marketing, feels that the company can relay its message better if it is in Spanish. The overall growth in businesses targeting Latino audiences is driven by the fact that their amount of disposable income and buying power are rapidly increasing. MasterCard will be tweaking its "Priceless" ads to make the Hispanic consumer see himself as a participant. The inclusion of the Fatherhood Priceless ad in the Hispanic campaign is meant to break the Spanish-language advertising stereotype of mothers being primary caretakers, and to reflect evolving roles in the Latino household, according to Tony Ruiz, partner and director of advertising at the Vidal Partnership. MasterCard vice president for consumer affairs Catherine Cummings says that the company will help member banks in their efforts to attract Hispanics and will provide them with Spanish-language materials. MasterCard has also developed a Latino-oriented consumer financial management education program and will work with the League of United Latin American Citizens to create additional educational materials.

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