Technology Helps CPAs Go Global
Electronic Accountant Online (09/29/00) Vol. 5, No. 17 p.C1; Asinof, Lynn

Technology has demolished the boundaries of properly positioned businesses. Proactive accounting firms have positioned themselves well over the past several years, creating consulting engagements that have no geographic limitations. The firms have done this by cultivating overseas contacts and alliances, forming networks that allow clients to advantageously use fluid borders. The Internet, and email in particular, have eradicated the hindrance of time difference as well as the loss of valuable days trying to set up appointments. David Almond, executive director of Alliott Group, London, said that a great way for accounting firms to enter into the global landscape is to join the international association, through which a firm can obtain an established network of affiliate firms and clients. However, Almond warns that firms should only join if they will actively participate in the association. He also insists that firms not "join an association if the only reason they joined was to receive international referrals."

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