Paytrust's Next Hurdle: Signing Up Banks
American Banker (08/07/00) Vol. 2, No. 5 p.1; Toonkel, Jessica

Paytrust, an electronic billing company that opened last year, is hoping it can soon begin making partners of financial institutions. Banks have traditionally shied away from electronic billing operations, mostly because they are complicated, messy, and difficult to cash in on. However, Paytrust CEO Edward G. McLaughlin thinks he can change their minds. Although Paytrust's business model has been criticized as too labor intensive and critics argue that the prices are too high--$8.95 for the first 25 transactions and 50 cents per transaction after that--the company has already bucked the odds in signing up, American Express, and GE Capital. Internet credit card issuer NextCard is expected to follow suit at some point in August.

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