Fidelity's Move to Hard-Sell Advertising Lowers Peter
Wall Street Journal (11/03/00) Vol. 13, No. 7 p.C1; Hechinger, John

For its new advertising campaign, Fidelity Investments is downsizing the role of pitchman Peter Lynch and instead is pursuing a harder sell of individual funds. The multi-million dollar campaign marks the end of Lynch's one-year run as a seller of individual funds, a fact that sits well with the respected stock-picker. Lynch reportedly had difficulty with being a hard-seller of individual funds and preferred the more educational ads. Fidelity decided to launch a new campaign after its share of net sales slipped from 14 percent to 3 percent. Fund analysts attribute the flat sales to the lackluster performance of Fidelity's funds this year. Fidelity is confident that the campaign can make up some the ground the company has lost.

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