Have You Implemented SysTrust With Your Clients?
AccountingWeb Online (08/02/00) Vol. 75, No. 7 p.166; Berry, John

The CPA SysTrust Service, developed by AICPA in conjunction with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is a service that tests and verifies a system's reliability using techniques similar to those used in an audit. CPAs determine a system's reliability through the use of four principles: availability, security, integrity, and maintainability. The auditor's analysis is then attached to a company's financial statement. CPAs and CAs are fitting choices to provide this service because they have already established and proven themselves as trusted, independent, and knowledgeable third parties that offer assurance on the accuracy of all sorts of information, both financial and non-financial. CPA Erin Mackler runs AICPA's Systems Reliability Task Force, which is in charge of the development and implementation of SysTrust.

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