Appearances Count in Auditor Independence
Electronic Accountant Online (08/25/00) Vol. 104, No. 34 p.2; Covaleski, John M.

At the Illinois Society of CPA's Business and Technology Solutions conference, the American Institute of CPAs international auditing standards subcommittee member Dan Guy stated that auditor independence is a primary concern for all companies that conduct audit and attest work. Guy cautioned the 100 conference attendees to protect the virtue of their independence, calling it the "cornerstone of our profession and the foundation for third-party and public trust in the audit/attest function." Guy recommended to the audience that it conduct auditor independence safeguard initiatives that include obeying independence regulations both "in fact" and "in appearance." He added that individual practitioners can improve the independence of their practices by initially obtaining more familiarity with independence mandates and by being continuously aware of anything that could hurt independence. He also said that practitioners who want additional information can access

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