No Matter Who Wins, Banking Lobbyists Will Be Partying
American Banker (11/06/00) Vol. 13, No. 7 p.5; Hechinger, John

Regardless of which political party wins the White House and Congress, banking industry lobbyists are certain of one thing--they will be partying it up all night long. One chief lobbyist for a community bank commented that, "Generally, its more fun to go to the party of the side that is winning." Most lobbyists are very bi-partisan in their views because their trade groups sponsor both Republican and Democratic congressional parties. Throughout the course of this election night, lobbyists with various banking associations will be attending events on both sides of the aisle. A surprising poll at a community banking convention last week had Gov. Bush defeating Vice President Gore 931 to 174. The latest national polls, however, are showing Bush and Gore in a dead heat. A view of some community bankers is that Democratic leadership in the 21st century will be paramount to banking's big picture.

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