Seniors Want Agents to Mention Life Settlements
National Underwriter (Life and Health Financial Services Edition) (04/22/03) p.1D; Raghunathan, Anuradha

A poll commissioned by life settlement firm Coventry First LLC and conducted by National Research LLC finds that although seniors might not opt to sell the rights to their life insurance policies in a life settlement, the majority of seniors polled wished their life insurance agent had informed them about the life settlement alternative. The telephone survey questioned 275 adults over age 64 who own individual life insurance policies with face values above $100,000. While only 14 percent of respondents said they would consider participating in a life settlement, 86 percent said agents should share information about life settlements with their clients, and 90 percent said they would ask for advice from their agent, attorney, accountant, or other financial advisor before selling the rights to their life insurance policies.

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