Jennifer Borislow's Formula for Sales Success
Selling Power (03/01) Vol. 21, No. 2 p.128; Ferrari, Lisa

Million Dollar Roundtable members are those life and financial salespeople who earn a minimum of $60,000 in first-year commissions. Top of the Table members, a more elite group, have achievement levels that are six times higher. Top of the Table member Jennifer Borislow began her insurance career at the bottom in 1982. Today, Borislow owns her own insurance agency in Boston. Borislow has developed her own proven success formula. First, an insurance salesperson must examine their current client list. Asking your top 20 clients for referrals, says Borislow, is a great starting point for success. Next, stay with a sales method that works. If you are using a fact-finder, for example, use the same one for every client. Third, Borislow notes that staying abreast of the latest industry trends is paramount. Finally, Borislow stresses the importance of focusing on one's strengths and delegating weaknesses. "I learned that I needed to be able to delegate what I can't do. So, I focus on my strengths and I delegate my weaknesses. I am not the right person to manage money under a portfolio. I'm not an asset manager. I'm a benefits specialist. Today I stay very focused on what I do well, which is life insurance, estate planning, and employee benefits."

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