Financial Service Online (10/00) Vol. 5, No. 10 p.34; Makos, Jeffrey J.

Many of today's financial services companies are offering "personalized" Web sites, featuring information such as news, weather, stock research, and search engines. The San Francisco-based mortgage site, for example, features a list of links to consumer service sites. Some of these links include comparison quotes for homeowners insurance, quotes on auto and life insurance, facts on home inspection, and assistance with address changes. Personalization trends have also taken off among online brokerages. MySchwab is a customized page tailored to both customers and non-customers. The page features personalized information such as access to breaking stories, watch lists, general business news, sports, and travel destinations. MySchwab is easy to use, and visitors can choose what they want on the page using a personalization form. The advent of Internet banking and bill paying has prompted many banks to develop personalized Web sites, as well. Central Carolina Bank's online venture myCCB has a firm foundation of traditional banking services. myCCB also offers insurance products, investment options, and trust services. Developed in just seven months, myCCB gives its customers quick access to their banking information, personalized finance tools, financial calculators, credit report requests, and stock quotes.

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