There's No Place Like Home ... Except for Caregivers!
Life Insurance Selling (12/01) Vol. 29, No. 26 p.43; Wane, John; Anderson, Lenny

Without adequate long-term care insurance, people face the possibility that they or a family member could suddenly become an around-the-clock caregiver, and according to the ACLI, 31 percent of those who are forced to caregive have to stop working outside the home. ACLI also reported in a March 2000 study that nearly two-thirds have to cut back on their work schedules; more than a quarter take a leave of absence; and 10 percent turn down promotions to assume the caretaker position. To purchase long-term care insurance, an individual needs an ample amount of money, but without sufficient money or adequate coverage that person will end up being a burden to whoever cares for them.

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