Accelerated Payment
Forbes (10/28/02) p.336; Coolidge, Carrie

Lincoln National Life Insurance now offers a permanent policy with a stiff single premium that begins advancing the death benefit on a tax-free basis should the policyholder begin to need long-term care, and it also reimburses expenses up to $8,000 per month, regardless of payments from other policies. If the death benefit runs out, the policy provides a certain amount more for long-term care expenses, covering services including adult daycare, care at home, assisted living, and nursing home care. Insurers have been offering such policies for 15 years and they are now becoming popular. They are aimed at customers who would not normally purchase a separate disability or long-term care policy and offer more flexibility than life insurance. Allianz Life Insurance's LifeFund advances part of the death benefit if the policyholder becomes disabled or suffers a chronic or critical illness, and the money can be used for any purpose. Such policies are not for everyone and may cost more or pay less than suits the policyholder's circumstances.

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