FDIC Moves to Sooth Coverage Hike Angst

Aetna Adds Healthwise Information to Web Site

Problem of Lost Health Benefits Reaches Into Middle Class

More Banks Offer Real-Time Account Info

New Internet Marketing Initiative

SunGard: Estate Planning Software

'Immediate' Annuity May Be Good Fit for Some Retirees

Forget What You've Heard, Term Insurance Is Not a Commodity

Planning Ahead for Peace of Mind

DOL Opinion Validates Use of Qualified Plan Ins.

Reject Citi-Associates Deal, Group Urges

Insmark: Financial Software System

Cross-Sales Key to MONY-Advest Deal; Insurer Sees

Insurance for the Long Haul

Insurance-Engine 3.0 Streamlines Employee Benefits

Coming to Terms With Life Insurance

Preparing for the Worst

Safeco: New Investment Managers for Variable Insurance

Smart Life Insurance Trusts That Offer Flexibility in Uncertain

Do Variable Annuities Fit in Your Portfolio?

LIMRA: 2002 Life Premiums Rise 3 Percent

Split Dollar--The Most Powerful Tool in the Box

30-to-45 Bracket Proving Hard to Reach for Banks

Want a Piece of Advice?

Death of Split-Dollar Life?

The Lowdown on Premiums

Internet-Based Cash Management Is a Boon for Small

Long-Term Care Financing: Options for the Future

A Deal Built on Weakness, and Strength

IRS Offers New 401(k) Loan Guidance

BenefitAmerica Brings Out Web Sales System

1st Round to Industry in Non-Cash Comp Tiff

Ask SmartMoney: You, Your New Business And Uncle Sam

Morningstar.com: Interactive Classroom

Insurer Makes Bid for Independent Brokers

Mutual Life Company Asset Growth Outpaces Industry

Death and Taxes

Better Not to Jump?

Seniors Want Agents to Mention Life Settlements

O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Analyst Bullish on Life Insurers

LTC Insurance Extends Retirement Income Protection

Converting a Term Policy for a Life Settlement

Alliances: Internet Stock News

Better Not to Jump?

Campaigns Tap the Industry for $94M

Going to Buy Life Insurance?

Consumerism Can Help Bring Down Health Care Costs

Seniors Want Agents to Mention Life Settlements

Regulators vs. Accountants On Reserving for Losses

IRS Wins COLI Court Case

American United Life: On-Line Benefits Administration

Masters in Financial Planning

Insurers Need to Change Way They Sell to Retirees: Study

Some Companies Know How to Make a Statement--Online

Insurance Sales Threatened?

A Jersey Summit Meeting Between Insurance Agents and

Insurance: Reform Law Helps, but Not Much

With Associates, Citi Extends Retail Power in U.S., Abroad

Consumers Seen Over-Emphasizing Insurance After Attacks

Raising America's LTC IQ

Compensation of Wholesalers Surged in 1999

Workers' Lives: Best Tax Break?

Uncertain World a Challenge to Life Firms

Long-Term Care Program Is Unfinished but on Schedule

CPAs Becoming CFAs

Term Insurance Turns Long Term

Repealing Tax Estate Law Would Hurt More People Than

Products: LowerMyBills.com

Don't Rush Into Long-Term-Care Coverage

As 'Super Banks' Grow, So Do Analysts' Fears

Bill Revives Quest for Above-the-Line LTC Tax Break

Jennifer Borislow's Formula for Sales Success

Retirement Bill Lobbying Launched

Get Long-Term Care Policy Now--Before You Need It

Disability-Model LTCs Can Be an Option for Some Clients

Life and Health Insurers Mobilize After Terrorist Attacks

Long-Term Care Crises Are Beginning to Loom

GE Catches Online Fever

Investors Find Their Nest Eggs Are Variable and Vanishing

Liberty Financial Weighs Company Sale

Banks Still Lead in Trustworthiness

Time to Re-Evaluate Your Life Insurance Coverage?

Accountants Seek Slice of Insurance Pie

Life Insurance in Retirement Planning: Use and Misuse of Life

Is My Life Insurance Policy an Investment?

Why You Need a Will

Interest in New Products Remains High, but Consumers Still

Banks Selling Insurance: Formulas for Success

Banks and Their Competitors Shell Out in Race for Affluent

How Much Insurance Do You Need? Why Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong


Congressional Action Adds Full Estate Tax Repeal to Life's

Suddenly Wealthy Require Special Skills

More High-Income Americans Go Without Health Insurance

Assisted-Living Liability Plan Faltering

There Will Still Be Life in Life Insurance

Insurance--Your Checkbook Is in the Mail

Government Must Be Insurer of Last Resort

Clients for Life: How Great Professionals Develop

Health Insurance Cuts Hurt Retirees

Firms May Benefit From Forensic Accountant

Outliving Assets Problem Looms

Fidelity's IBG Institutional Insurance Program to Offer

Sandy Strikes Again

Wrap Up Your Assets and Leave Taxman in the Cold

A Good Intention Gets Waylaid by Fiscal Concerns

Prudential Unit Isn't Likely to Be Spun Off

Testimony for National Insurance Charter

Life Insurer's Proration Method for Calculating

Understanding the Motivations of Long-Term Care Insurance Owners

Lawyer Urges CPAs to Carry E-Business Insurance

Agents: Sell LTC Policies to Women

Gen X Wants Financial Planning From Banks

Online Service Center

Planning Ahead

Insurers Adjust to Aging U.S. Population

Good News! Insurers Extend Your Lifespan

There's No Place Like Home ... Except for Caregivers!

Hope Alive for Tax Measures

Repeat Customers Likely, Others Cool to Bank Sales

U.S. Regulators Propose Cracking Down on Bank Residuals

Insurers Need to Change Way They Sell to Retirees: Study

Industry Says 'Me Too' to Stimulus Plan

Multiple Employer Trusts: Using Before-Tax Dollars for Life Ins.

Basic Principles of Life Insurance Unchanged by Recent Events

Study: More Buyers Seek Life Coverage

Standard Insurance Company: Online Claim Triage

Pro2Net: Profession-Specific Web Sites

Trading Premiums

Need Health Insurance? Good Luck

Accelerated Payment

Use LTC Cost Data to Educate Public

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