Condos For Seniors Would Free Up Housing for Younger Families
Associated Press (12/17/01) Vol. 15, No. 15 p.72; England, Robert Stowe

In Milwaukee, nonprofit housing group C-Cap Inc. believes that building condominiums for elderly citizens would allow young, working families to buy seniors' former homes--which generally are the most affordable on the market. President Scott Fergus says while suburban planners often oppose high-density, affordable housing for working families, senior housing usually elicits a favorable reaction; in response, C-Cap has plans to build senior condominiums in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin market. According to Matt Moroney--executive director of the Metropolitan Builders Association--because smaller senior housing units boost the tax base without draining funds from schools and other services, they are viewed as better for the community than starter homes for families. Special zoning for senior communities was provided by the Brookfield Common Council in 1999, resulting in plans to build more than 200 senior apartments and condos within the next few years.

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