The Changing Reality of Retirement
Washington Post (12/04/00) p.C4; Haas, Jane Glenn

The modern conception of "retirement" differs drastically from the expectations of the previous generation of seniors. The cozy, two-bedroom downsized house, for example, has become a thing of the past. Today's married couples say they would rather have space away from each other in a large home--one possibly even bigger than their current residence, according to Annie Gerard, vice president of National Survey Systems. Also fading into obscurity is the guest bedroom that doubles as a "sewing room." Real estate agent Danielle Snow says that sewing rooms have morphed into computer rooms. These spaces often must be large enough to accommodate two desks and two computers; or the couple may need to have separate computer rooms altogether. Golfclubs in the garage may be a common site, but an active lifestyle no longer defines retirement. Staying active is an accepted part of life at any age. And while golfing may still be popular, the formulaic golf-course retirement development is no longer the automatic choice for senior living. As the reality of retirement changes, it may lead one to wonder if "retiring" actually requires more work.

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