Retailers Beware: I've Got Nothing but Time
Newsweek (05/14/01) Vol. 137, No. 20 p.10; Silverman, Arlene

Arlene Silverman retired last year from her position as a factotum at a nonprofit organization. Now, to the dismay of retailers and customer service representatives everywhere, Silverman is pursuing a second career as a curmudgeon who enjoys debating the meaning of the terms "surcharge" or "money-back guarantee." For Silverman, and perhaps other retirees who finally have some time on their hands, the bell now tolls for those retailers who do not take the time to sufficiently address customer's concerns. For Silverman, no wrong is too small, and she is happy to "pursue a complaint until the cows come home." Silverman's new pursuit is more than just a hobby, it is a call to arms. Together with her fellow retirees, Silverman hopes to "show the world what 'customer service' really means--and get a good night's sleep into the bargain."

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