Boomers Redefining 'Retirement' Community
Washington Times (12/27/01) Vol. 29, No. 26 p.C9; Yen, Hope

Many developers are now using the terms "active adult" or "country club" to describe retirement communities as a way to target baby boomers with active lifestyles. As the country's 76 million boomers reach retirement age, developers are adding amenities adult communities have never seen, including home offices with Internet access; continuing education classes in conjunction with local universities; recreational activities such as softball, kayaking, rock-wall climbing; as well as luxury spas, pools, and fitness centers. Alan Fox, publisher and editor of Where to Retire magazine, believes the term "retirement community" will be obsolete in a matter of years. Promoting an active lifestyle has worked for developers like Del Webb Corp., the largest adult community builder in the country; focusing on boomers has boosted Del Webb's sales by 29 percent over the past five years. Other companies are expected to grow as well as the boomer population ages. Currently, 80 percent of adult community residents must be older than 55 if the community receives federal funding. Though these communities are becoming more available to those under 55, it is still uncertain how today's active boomers will handle the quieter lifestyles of older residents.

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