Some Older Workers Get Fewer Opportunities
Hartford Courant Online (04/14/03) p.30; Greene, Kelly

A new Conference Board survey indicates that older workers are treated differently in different industry sectors, and in some cases, older workers are given less challenging assignments or fewer chances for promotions. For the purposes of the survey, older workers were considered to be those 50 years of age and older, and the survey polled human resources (HR) executives from IBM, Marriott, Allstate Corp., Dow Chemical, and others. While older workers tend to feel slighted by their employers, only 5 percent of HR professionals believe their companies do not offer enough training opportunities for older workers. The government predicts that retirement and layoffs could result in a need for over 24 million replacement workers by 2008, which many experts urge employers to combat by retaining older workers as long as possible through advancement and training opportunities.

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