Speaking of Aging
Journal of Retirement Planning (10/01) Vol. 4, No. 5 p.9; Hansard, Sara; Rosowsky, Erlene

Geropsychologist Erlene Rosowsky examines several components of resilience as it pertains to the elderly in the latest issue of the Journal of Retirement Planning. According to Rosowsky, resilience does not imply avoidance, but rather underscores many of the age-related events that can be avoided. There are two main aspects of resilience: plasticity and flexibility. Plasticity speaks of the capacity to change and is conscious and intentional, while flexibility refers to a person's ability "to respond differently to a situation, rather than to deny the need for a different response." Rosowsky adds that resilience is often defined by variables within the individual, the most notable being old age. Other variables include vulnerability, extraversion, dependence, and openness.

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