Nothing Retiring About Today's Retirement Homes
Copley News Service (08/20/01) Vol. 29, No. 17 p.E3; Woodard, James M

U.S. seniors, the most rapidly growing sector of the nation's residential real estate market, are shifting their thoughts on ideal retirement homes. According to a study by builder Del Webb Corp., the population of Americans between 55 years old and 69 years old will increase by more than 6 million come 2005. Modern seniors, however, are more healthy, wealthy, and socially active than earlier generations. In turn, the property market is enhancing the architectural style of retirement homes to reflect the values of this demographic, which is shunning the "big box" look of past retirement developments but still desires the security and features of big residential projects. For example, a new residential complex in Southern Nevada features units housed in buildings designed to resemble large single-family homes and includes such amenities as fireplaces and direct access to the garage. The entire complex has a pool, media center, fitness center, clubhouse, community room, and a conference business center, all for its retirement community.

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