Plugged-in Planners
Forbes Online (12/03/01) p.10H; Setton, Dolly

Millions of Americans are realizing the importance of professional financial advice as they grow frustrated with e-trading. For those who want fairly simplistic advice, Web sites can offer help. While they aid in organizing finances, these sites do not, however, offer hand-holding or advice on special circumstances. Independent financial advisers offer more help, but such positions do not require expansive training, so it is wise to check if the adviser has passed the Certified Financial Planner's exam. Good planners will be able to assess one's overall financial picture, reviewing estate and tax planning, life insurance, retirement, and college-savings accounts. However, adequate software can give any financial planner the ability to help organize one's finances. The latest software is accessible via the Internet, and it considers a wide range of variables, ranging from interest-rate assumptions to the tax impact of changing one's state residency.

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