Web-Based Financial Planning Generates Actionable Advice
ABA Banking Journal (09/00) Vol. 92, No. 9 p.114; Block, Sandra

Web-based financial planning offers consumers an alternative to traditional financial counseling. Recent studies find fault with the financial counseling people receive today. More often than not, the advice most Americans get from their broker is flawed or insufficient. The problem has inspired Net providers to develop Web-based financial planning tools. McLean, Va.-based netDecide Corp. has put together a Web-based tool specifically for financial planners and banks to offer as self-help tools on a branded Web site. This particular brand of wealth management comes in three versions: AdvisorDecide is made for financial planners to help individuals create financial plans using real-time analysis; PlannerDecide is for the more advanced financial planner with high net worth clients; and PersonalDecide is a tool geared toward a bank's Web site.

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