War Prods Investors to Shift Retirement Money
Wall Street Journal (04/03/03) Vol. 147, No. 5 p.D2; Chu, Kathy

The conflict in Iraq is spurring more investors to make changes to their 401(k) investments, according to figures from consulting firm Hewitt Associates. Although analysts usually recommend that investors keep transfer activity in their long-term retirement accounts to a minimum and figures show that only one in five 401(k) participants usually make changes to their retirement plans per year, the war in Iraq has prompted more investors to rebalance the funds in their retirement plans. Figures show that on March 21, news about U.S. troop movement toward Baghdad spurred investors to funnel a large chunk of 401(k) funds into equities, while on March 24, when minor setbacks to U.S. troops were publicized, 401(k) plan participants transferred money into fixed-income and other investments.

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