Women Need to Save More for Retirement
Philadelphia Inquirer (07/03/01) Vol. 14, No. 6 p.E5; Kristof, Kathy

Women need to get serious about saving for retirement, according to Los Angeles Times columnist Kathy Kristof. Kristof writes that more information is being disseminated to women to educate them on what retirement planning requires. The Social Security Administration, for example, now has a Web site that specifically targets the subject of women saving. The objective of the www.ssa.gov/women Web site is to educate women about the importance of saving so that they have something more than Social Security income to live off of when they are old. There are other variables women have to consider that men do not in retirement planning. Most women interrupt their careers to raise a family, and thus lose valuable saving years, whereas men do not. Women also tend to earn less and live longer than men, which is why financial experts say it is imperative that women get an early start.

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