Targeting Investment-Wary Women
American Banker (10/10/00) Vol. 104, No. 40 p.1; Bach, Deborah

A Harris Interactive survey of 900 adults found that twice as many women as men, 48 percent to 24 percent, respectively, called investing "scary," and 54 percent of the women likened it to gambling. Last week, Charles Schwab & Co. launched Women Investing Now to focus on increasing market share by attracting women investors who have been reluctant to play the stock market. The centerpiece of the program is a women's Internet portal on Schwab's Web site aimed at overriding myths about the stock market and providing information about how different investments can help people. Fidelity Investments is engaged in a similar initiative, developing planning tools, seminars, Web broadcasts, and other educational events aimed at increasing its female customer base. Fidelity sees potential for growth in this area because only 35 percent to 40 percent of its customers are women.

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