Invest in Minority Pension Participation
HR Magazine Online (10/09/01) Vol. 46, No. 10 p.1H; Johnson, Carla

Results from several surveys show most Americans are unsure about whether they have saved enough for retirement. According to findings published in the 2001 Retirement Confidence Survey, the percentage of workers who felt confident they would have enough to live on after they stopped working fell from 72 percent in 2000 to 63 percent. Meanwhile, EBRI's 2001 Minority Retirement Confidence Survey (MRCS) found that some minority groups did not expect to retire comfortably. Roughly 54 percent of African-Americans polled believed they were prepared for retirement, while 45 percent of Hispanics said they believed they had saved enough for retirement. Statistically, minorities have tended to lag behind whites in this area of financial planning because they typically earn less and assume a larger role in caring for elderly relatives. Survey results also indicate employee participation in pension plans is beginning to wane. The Cerulli Report series Market Update found that new assets to 401(k) plans are beginning to flatten.

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