Retirement Products Need to Adapt to Boomers' Needs,
National Underwriter (Life and Health Financial (11/18/02) Vol. 106, No. 46 p.38; De Simone, Marcella

A study sponsored by AIG SunAmerica, Los Angeles, and Harris Interactive revealed that 27 percent of baby boomers consider themselves "Ageless Explorers," while 19 percent are "Comfortably Contents," 22 percent are "Live for Todays," and 32 percent are "Sick and Tired." ING U.S. Financial Services Chief Marketing Officer Shaun Mathews stated that banks and other financial institutions have to begin tailoring their products to meet the next generation's needs, because baby boomers do not follow in the footsteps of their parents' generation. Moreover, it appears from the survey that baby boomers will cycle in and out of careers, educational institutions, and other phases of their life for some time before retiring from the workforce completely. Therefore, retirement products have to be more flexible than traditional life insurance and retirement benefit plans, allowing for personal growth and reinvention. Additionally, new retirees will be seeking more investment and saving advice from professionals.

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