When the Time Comes to Dump Your Financial Planner
Wall Street Journal Online (02/20/02) Vol. 16, No. 1 p.32; Cullen, Terri

People who part ways with their financial planners should remember to have all of their financial documents in hand when they break ties. When preparing to leave, clients should request current statements from banks and brokerages that house all of their investment and savings accounts. Experts say people should never accept as a substitute a computer-generated inventory printed out on their planner's stationary. Clients should make a habit early on of studying these documents regardless of whether they plan on retaining the services of their financial planner. All other legal certificates should also be mailed by a planner. Once these documents have been received, people should make sure their documents are in order and error-free. Should a person find any accounting mistakes, or if an account was set up incorrectly, they should resolve those issues as soon as possible.

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