Finding Your Way
St. Petersburg Times (FL) (10/07/01) Vol. 138, No. 16 p.1H; Huntley, Helen

Retirement planning experts advise people to prepare for the economic fallout from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. In the wake of the Sept. 11 assaults, millions of workers who had hopes of retiring soon suffered major setbacks, as stocks plummeted due to the unstable economy. As a result, financial experts like St. Petersburg, Fla., certified public accountant Robert Doyle say a lot of people do not know where there stand. "Without a substantial and sustained rally, the projections we made over the past several years will have to be adjusted," says Clearwater, Fla., financial planner Ray Ferrara. Planners say people who expected to retire in 10 years may have to continue working another two years before they can expect to reach their financial goals.

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