Banks Toy Around With Burgeoning Kids Market
Bank Technology News (07/00) Vol. 13, No. 7 p.1; Hackett, John

In the past, banks have typically ignored the youth market. However, with the continuing advancement of online banking and marketing this may be changing. In the eyes of some banking professionals, establishing a relationship with a high schooler could potentially lead to a long-term banking relationship. As a demographic segment, teenagers are growing twice as fast as the overall population. Teenagers are responsible for more than $300 billion in annual spending. Aiming bank promotions at teenagers is also considered to be good public relations and has the potential to reach more lucrative family members. Some programs targeting the youth of America take this concept one step further. Banking on Kids, Milwaukee, has a for-profit educational program targeted at students in primary schools, and the American Bankers Association holds a spring conference dubbed "National Teach Children to Save Day." With the intention of promoting good money habits, over 2,000 bankers across the United States make presentations to students. Another online-startup that focuses specifically on teens is called Doughnet. Doughnet is an online shopping community that enables teens to open accounts with a parent's consent and make purchases without a credit card.

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