The Promise of Web-Powered 401(k) Plans
Strategic Finance (07/01) Vol. 83, No. 1 p.40; Levinson, Alan

Electronic 401(k)s have been launched. For participating employees, this means a wider selection of investments and access to online personal financial analysis and advice at affordable prices. Employer plan sponsors can take advantage of automated administration, adherence to government regulations, and easier management of retirement savings plans. Smaller-sized low-end businesses are the main targets of the new 401(k)s, since the market remains virtually untapped. The GoldK start-up distributes about 15 mutual fund options through third-party financial advisors and brokers and offers free Web-based record-keeping and administrative services to both them and end users. "[Electronic 401(k)s] going to force a rethinking of the value proposition around pricing and distribution of the 401(k) product,... because once pricing is applied to the low end of the market, the high-end customers...are still going to look for a better deal," predicts TowerGroup industry analyst Dennis J. Ceru.

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