Women, Men Differ in Approaches to 401(k) Investing
Pensions & Investments (10/01) Vol. 29, No. 21 p.35; Jacobius, Arleen

Results from a survey conducted by the Melior Group for Northern Trust Retirement Consulting shows a marked difference in how men and women manage their 401(k) accounts. Research indicates that women tend to check their accounts and change their asset allocations less frequently than males, with some 50 percent of women admitting that they check their 401(k) balances between statements, versus 67 percent of men. Other survey results show that 53 percent of men periodically make fund changes in their accounts, compared to only 39 percent of women. Of this group of both men and women, 43 percent make changes annually, 27 percent monthly, and 13 percent quarterly or semiannually.

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