Sophisticated Sales With the Old-Fashioned Touch
Broker World (05/01) Vol. 21, No. 5 p.60; Kenney, Patrick J.

Financial advisor Patrick J. Kenney of Wilcox Financial recommends that planners return to the "old-fashioned" planning strategy of getting to know your client when dealing with employer-sponsored retirement plans. At the heart of the system is staying in touch with clients after the initial meeting. This may require sending birthday greetings or forwarding the latest material to keep them abreast of what is taking place in the market. Although time-consuming, these tactics will not go unnoticed by the client, Kenney assures. By working within this system, Kenney says planners will have developed a long-term rapport with their clients, so that when the time comes for planning milestones such as retirement, rollover, or anything else, the client will automatically consult their planner. He adds that the payoff for such a "high-touch" style is continuous as well because the client may refer their planner to one or more people along the way.

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