Retirement Savings: Comparing Men & Women in Their Forties
Journal of Retirement Planning (08/01) Vol. 4, No. 4 p.27; Hassan, M. Kabir; Lawrence, Shari

M. Kabir Hassan and Shari Lawrence examine the similarities and differences in the retirement planning habits of men and women in their forties in the August issue of the Journal of Retirement Planning. The paper considers a variety of factors thought to influence the financial choices men and women make. Among them are work history, marital status, income level, family/household composition, and occupation. Hassan and Lawrence cite other studies that indicate that women are more risk averse than men. Results from a study conducted by Hinz, McCarthy, and Turner find that men are significantly more likely to hold risky assets in their pension plans, while data from a study by Bajtelsmit and VanDerhei show that women are more likely to allocate their pension assets to fixed income alternatives. Based on these and other findings, Hassan and Lawrence conclude that excellent health and work history have significant positive effects on retirement plan eligibility for men and women in their forties. The report also finds that income has a significant positive effect on retirement plan eligibility for women in their forties but a significant negative effect on retirement plan eligibility for men in the same age range.

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