TIPS for 401(k) Plans
Pensions & Investments (04/02) Vol. 30, No. 9 p.12; Bodie, Zvi

Lawmakers in the House and Senate should include treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) in their pension reform plans, according to a commentary in Pensions & Investments magazine. Although the House has already passed a pension bill without TIPS, the Senate has an opportunity to include it in its version. Not only is TIPS guaranteed to beat inflation, but it also pays a fixed real interest rate above the rate of inflation for up to 30 years, plus insurance companies can use it to create several innovative financial products for retirement-age people who wish to roll over their 401(k) accumulations into a stream of income sure to last them the rest of their lives. But to the surprise of many observers, not a single 401(k) plan offers TIPS to their employees. Some speculate one reason for this is that most companies are under the impression that stocks offer the best hedge against inflation.

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