The Overlooked Seniors Market: Loaded and Looking for Investment
Financial Services Marketing (03/01) Vol. 3, No. 2 p.9; Chapman, Claire

In his new book entitled, "Marketing Financial Services to Seniors," financial planning expert Larry Klein takes a look at the emerging seniors market and offers useful strategies for investment advisers. "Marketing Financial Services to Seniors" is a manual for investment advisers who wish to expand into the growing seniors market. Klein spends a great deal of time analyzing senior psychology and addressing erroneous myths prevalent in advertising and marketing financial products to the elderly. Common mistakes include creating ads that emphasize opportunities, returns, and greed, or in any way indicate a high return, none of which appeals to seniors because they are attracted to safe investments. Therefore, ads marketed to seniors should emphasize safety and opportunity to preserve their financial independence, Klein says. The 150-page book covers territory already covered in other books, except Klein includes more that 25 pages of appendix references to advertise "tried-and-true" applications of his own.

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