Principles of Engagement Teaches Agents Service, Not Selling
National Underwriter (Life and Health Financial Services Edition) Online (11/19/01) p.A1; Higgins, Barry

The "Principles of Engagement" course aims to strengthen the agent/client relationship by teaching insurance agents to place service before selling. Lou Cassara, president of the Cassara Clinic, founded the approach 10 years ago with the goal of training agents to forge meaningful relationships with their clients through a communication process that stresses service over selling. "Lou's whole approach is trying how to figure out what the person's primary motives and goals are and showing the products as a way of helping a person achieve their goals," says John McTigue, managing director of The McTigue Financial group in Chicago. In addition to emphasizing the producer/client relationship, Cassara's program also encourages producers to get in touch with themselves, so in knowing who they are, they in turn are able to convey that in word and deed to their client. Among the biggest benefits the "Principles of Engagement" course teaches agents is how to engage a prospect in a meaningful conversation quickly.

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