Planners Need to Plan for Disaster
CPA Wealth Provider (01/03) Vol. 22, No. 4 p.18; Scott, Robert W.

As the data handled by CPAs widens to include client investment data and financial plans, it is important for them to implement some sort of backup system to guard against data loss caused by major disasters or accidental deletion. Practitioners Publishing Company technology development Vice President Jeff Gramlich says interest in backup tools has surged as more and more offices implement paperless technology. Backup tools can be as simple as Zip disks, rewritable CDs, and tapes; but regardless of the method used, Boomer Consulting's Ken McCall recommends full backups at least once per week. Network backups can be facilitated by various software programs, but usually an add-on is required for backing up open files in groupware applications, says Valdosta, Ga.-based technology consultant Tom Davis. RAID systems offer more security by completely copying drives and other components and allowing file restorations without disabling the entire system. Meanwhile, some firms choose to store data remotely through hosted solutions. Although users can access the data without additional desktop software or virus concerns, they have to separately backup tax returns and other non-hosted data. Moreover, Tech Partners North America President Roman Kepczyk says online storage becomes cost prohibitive if more than one gigabyte of data is involved.

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