Taking an Interest
Washington Times (07/09/02) Vol. 18, No. 6 p.3; Baker, Chris

According to recent figures by the U.S. Department of Labor, 32 percent of Hispanics in the work force in 1995, compared to 51 percent of whites, and 44 percent of other minority groups, had employee pension plans, and another study says that Hispanics under 65 are less likely than other groups to receive income from interest on savings and investments, or receive income from dividends on stock or mutual fund shares. Financial groups like the Bond Market Foundation are educating Hispanics about personal finance and helping the demographic learn to trust banks and other financial institutions. In an attempt to reach out to Hispanics, the Bond Market Foundation has established a Spanish-language Web site to improve financial literacy among the demographic, while other institutions are publishing and advertising in Spanish, and some offer special accounts geared toward migrant workers and other Spanish-speaking employees.

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