This Is a Great Time for Back-to-Basics Annuity Selling
National Underwriter (Life/Health) (04/09/01) Vol. 105, No. 15 p.12; Streiff, Thomas F.

Thomas F. Streiff, president of IAC Securities and Money Matters Exchange, says now is the time for annuity marketers to switch to a "back-to-basics" sales approach. According to Streiff, current market conditions require VA sellers to adjust their pitch. In the simplest terms, Streiff says this approach requires the seller to return his/her focus to the sales objectives they first learned when they began selling. Clients should be quizzed about their concerns about outliving their savings, whether they think they have saved enough, and asked about their risk tolerance. In short, Streiff says identifying and matching the right product with the long-term retirement needs of the client is the easiest and purest form of annuity selling, and one that is guaranteed to work in any environment.

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