AICPA Chair Discloses Plans for Accountants of Tomorrow (08/18/00) Vol. 104, No. 40 p.R29; Siegel, Tara

Bob Elliot, Chairman of AICPA, told future accountants at the Beta Alpha Psi annual meeting that the role of the CPA in today's society has expanded to include tax services, litigation support, and a wide range of financial and strategic consulting services. Elliot said that the accounting firms of the future could quite possibly become full-service management consulting "firms that cover the entire professional service array: law, engineering, architecture, accounting, advertising, health care, and so on." Elliot told the attendees at the meeting that new technology threatens traditional accountants who solely remain focused on assisting with recording data and verifying financial statements. Accountants will need a new designation in the future, he said, as he defined the new accounting professional as "one who helps people or organizations achieve their objectives through the strategic use of knowledge or knowledge management systems."

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