Health Insurers Hope for 'Responsible' Health Care
National Underwriter (Life and Health Financial (11/11/02) p.41; Brostoff, Steven

Health Insurance Association of America President Donald Young says that the healthcare industry is hopeful that the federal government will begin focusing on incentives for low income and middle income families seeking health insurance coverage, especially since the mid-term elections won Republicans a majority in the Senate. Many insurers are viewing the results of the election as a rejection of personal injury lawyers because only two of the candidates backed by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America won their races. While health insurers are hopeful that Republicans will hold the terrorism insurance bill--which calls for a study of whether the group life insurance industry will benefit from federal assistance in the event of further terrorist attacks--until the next legislative session, ACLI Senior Vice President, Government Affairs Phil Anderson says that it will likely be passed in this year's lame duck session.

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