Social Security, is it Really in Trouble?
New York Times (08/05/01) p.9; Brock, Fred

California State University professor Theodore Roszak says Social Security is not nearly as bad off as people are led to believe. In his book, "Longevity Revolution: As Boomers Become Elders," Roszak claims that Social Security does not need to be "saved," and that the effort to make the public believe that the system is in jeopardy is nothing more than a conspiracy being led by two powerful forces. The first is Wall Street, which Roszak says is after the business and stock trading commissions that would be generated from privatization. He identifies conservatives as the second group, arguing that they have never liked the concept of government social insurance. Another group he blames for perpetuating the idea of a nearly bankrupt Social Security system is the media, which he says often does not check its figures against those of the Social Security Administration.

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