IRS Restructuring to Bring New Division to Atlanta
Atlanta Journal and Constitution (09/07/00) Vol. 110, No. 10 p.7G; Paul, Peralte C.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has restructured, setting up four operating divisions, three in Washington D.C. and one in Atlanta, each specializing in a particular tax area. In Atlanta, the wage and investment division is in charge of handling individual taxpayer returns. The three other divisions handle returns for mid- and large-sized businesses, tax-exempt organizations and government entities, and small-business/self-employed operators, respectively. John Dalrymple, the commissioner of the wage and investment division, said the IRS' new approach makes the federal agency more customer-friendly. Local tax preparers and CPAs agree with Dalrymple, calling the move toward specialization logical. Lawrence L. Denny, a former IRS agent who now has his own public accounting firm, said the restructuring makes navigating the IRS much easier for taxpayers. Ken Weatherwax, owner of the Weatherwax & Associates tax public accounting firm, said, "The tax code is so broad and so complicated, they need to break it down into smaller segments."

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