U.S. Candidates Silent on Corporate Rates
Reuters (10/30/00) Vol. 104, No. 42 p.1; Roberts, Kristin

Neither candidate running for the office of president has routinely addressed corporate taxes, because, according to Jim Lucier, vice president and senior Washington analyst with Prudential Securities, "neither one of them really has a corporate tax plan." No president has ever run on corporate tax reform, Lucier said, because the issue is too difficult to explain, and most people do not see it as something that directly relates to them. Skillful accounting and smarter use of tax code has allowed corporate America to pay less in taxes today than ever before. While the federal government charges a 35 percent tax rate to companies, the amount companies actually pay is closer to 20 percent, because of effective tax planning, including deducting gains from stock options and obtaining credit for research and development.

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