Any Reform Idea in a Storm
Business Week (08/12/02) p.34; Borrus, Amy

Congress' decision on a slew of proposed corporate reforms could depend on the public's perception of the state of corporate America when lawmakers reconvene in the fall. A House plan that would lift selling limitations for workers' 401(k) plans and let companies provide investment advice for employees' retirement plans will likely be combined with a similar Senate bill, experts predict, and lawmakers in both parties have shown support for a plan to increase the age 401(k) participants must begin to collect from their plans. A bill to limit companies from moving their headquarters to off-shore tax havens like Bermuda was approved by the Senate Finance Committee in June, but the bill's controversial provisions to end trade subsidies could stall its progress. Experts say Republican proposals to increase the amount of capital losses investors can use to reduce their income tax bill are not likely to find congressional support. Republican lawmakers have also discussed proposing using money collected from rogue corporations to create a fund for suffering investors.

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