Intuit Aiming for 10-Minute Tax Return
Investor's Business Daily (02/08/01) No. 3719 p.A8; Graham, Jed

Over the past year, Intuit has been moving to strengthen its leading position in small-business accounting and personal finance. Intuit's Quicken TurboTax for the Internet is said to be the cure for any worries about the April 15 deadline. In addition to performing calculations, TurboTax automatically collects data from a person's 1099s and W-2s. Intuit founder Steve Cook recently told Investor's Business Daily that Intuit is working to make worries over tax season obsolete. Cook commented that, "My dream for the last six years has been to take the time it takes people to figure out their taxes and slash that to 10 minutes ... in a couple or three years--we will be able to get it down to that." Intuit's Automatic Tax Return, which debuted in January, is the harbinger of such technology. The software, which fills your taxes out for you, is connected to the original source of the data--brokers and employers' payroll services.

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